Body Language

Hi! I’m Lacy. I’m about to celebrate my 11th year in photography in January 2019. It’s a beautiful journey with lots of ups and downs. Incredibly talented peers here in Oklahoma really pushed me to perfect my craft. I wanted my images to be magazine quality with an editorial feel. I quickly consumed all the knowledge I could from workshops to mentor sessions I spent a lot of time becoming great at things like Photoshop, Lighting, Film and more. My images got better but there was still something missing. When I finally ran into an amazing educator Denise Birdsong in San Francisco where I learned that the missing piece was my subjects body language, something most photographers never even think about. The Industry Standard has been to “capture” not “direct” the subject. Body language effects how we react to images and the ideas they convey. I dived head first into The Art Of Direction and before I knew it I had all the techniques I needed to coach and direct my clients for beautiful emotive images.


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